Random Audio . New Order (BELIEFAMB002)


Random Audio . New Order (BELIEFAMB002)

Digital Download
Belief System Records
released 10. January 2015
All tracks written and programmed by Random Audio at Studio Homeworks OEG 2014

Bassdrums, snares and  kicks are of minor importance on ‘New Order’, with Random Audio relying increasingly on dense, atmospheric soundscapes and focussing on perfecting his extraterrestrial sound sketches. Science fiction, progress and technology – it’s the essence of techno in a nutshell. (house cult.com)


  1. Hepatic (3:01)
  2. Lunar (6:08)
  3. New Order (2:24)
  4. Objects Lights (4:16)
  5. Time (2:16)
  6. Restart Of The Engineers (2:56)
  7. Dark Matter (1:36)

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Exlopring the deepst reaches of the solar system and beyond.

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