2020 . selected tracks


Random Audio . 2020  selected tracks.
Intervall Aufnahmen 2020

  1. Intro
  2. Signal To Mysterious Pt.2
  3. The Constructor 
  4. Nova Theme
  5. untitled 2017_04
  6. Unknown layers
  7. Gamers
  8. untitled 2017_06
  9. Rumble
  10. Hologram Pt.2
  11. Seaground
  12. Observation
  13. The Circus
  14. The Powercore
  15. untitled 2017_10
  16. Conquest Of Space (2020 Mix)
  17. Ghosts
  18. Signal To Mysterious Pt.2
  19. untitled 2017_08
  20. untitled 2017_02
  21. Shower

Graphics and editing by complex graFX.
3D Illustration by Artmatic Voyager.
Some drawings and illustrations by Lazo Djurič.

The Poeticast – Episode 106

We welcome Random Audio to the show, the German electronic producer is an important part of the Futuredraht community, he has produced many tracks of various styles but mainly focuses on his Sci-fi, futuristic Techno.
The Guest Mix is a strict producer set, and showcases not only his dexterity in the studio but also his supreme talents behind the control desk.


  1. Intro (Engineers Of The Other Space II/ Intervall Aufnahmen)
  2. Darkness
  3. Obscure (Engineers Of The Other Space Film)
  4. Signal To Mysterious (Signal To Mysterious/ Blueform; Intervall Aufnahmen)
  5. Calculation (Signal To Mysterious/ Blueform; Intervall Aufnahmen)
  6. STM3
  7. The Central (The Communicators/ K-84 Records)
  8. The Architect (The Communicators/ K-84 Records)
  9. Psone (Klangfrequenz live series)
  10. Dimension 5 (Rotor Mix)
  11. Rotor (Rotor Mix)
  12. Time Bridge (Cosmic Stories Film)
  13. Rank Tank (Engineers Of The Other Space Film)
  14. The Ensemble (Signal To Mysterious/ Blueform; Intervall Aufnahmen)
  15. Objects (Signal To Mysterious/ Blueform; Intervall Aufnahmen)
  16. Human Box (The Communicators/ K-84 Records)
  17. Alpha Team (Engineers Of The Other Space II/ Intervall Aufnahmen)
  18. The Mastermind (Engineers Of The Other Space Film)
  19. Transmission
  20. Nautic (Rotor Mix)
  21. Matrix
  22. The Code (Klangfrequenz live series)
  23. The Model (Hologram EP/ Blueform; Intervall Aufnahmen)
  24. Fourier Transmatica (Hologram EP/ Blueform; Intervall Aufnahmen)
  25. Untitled (Rotor Mix)
  26. Mirror
  27. Radar Man (Engineers Of The Other Space II/ Intervall Aufnahmen)
  28. Outer Space Division (Engineers Of The Other Space/ Belief System Records)
  29. Red Rock Signal – The Tracker (The Communicators/ K-84 Records)
  30. Area
  31. Infinicarb Bodies (Magnetic Fields)
  32. Artificial Mind – Geayhead (Random Audio ReMix)
  33. Star Child (Engineers Of The Other Space II/ Intervall Aufnahmen)
  34. The Mask (Hologram EP/ Blueform; Intervall Aufnahmen)
  35. Invisible Man (Engineers Of The Other Space II/ Intervall Aufnahmen)
  36. mETEOR
  37. Ear2Ear (The Communicators Film)



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Random Audio – The Communicators (K-84 – 028)

Random Audio – The Communicators (K-84 – 028)
Label: K-84 Records (Chile)



  1. The Clown (The Intro)
  2. Human Box
  3. The Architect
  4. Tinkerer Of Time
  5. The Communicators
  6. Oxygen To Carbon Dioxide
  7. Model 1-6
  8. Red Rock Signal (The Tracker)
  9. The Central
  10. The Message

Random Audio . The Communicators

all tracks written and programmed by random audio
at homework’s studio OEG Germany.


  • 01 Beyond The Milky Way
  • 02 The Communicators
  • 03 Oxygen To Carbon Dioxide
  • 04 Mode1-6
  • 05 The Communicators 2
  • 06 Ear2Ear
  • 07 New World Order
  • 08 The Order-Mechanic
  • 09 Human Box
  • 10 The Architect
  • 11 Terra
  • 12 Red Rock Signal – Tracker
  • 13 The Central
  • 14 Unknown Lights
  • 15 Clown EP – Orchestra
  • 16 Tinkerer Of Time
  • 17 Clown EP – The Message
  • 18 Outro

Random Audio . New Order (BELIEFAMB002)


Random Audio . New Order (BELIEFAMB002)

Digital Download
Belief System Records
released 10. January 2015
All tracks written and programmed by Random Audio at Studio Homeworks OEG 2014

Bassdrums, snares and  kicks are of minor importance on ‘New Order’, with Random Audio relying increasingly on dense, atmospheric soundscapes and focussing on perfecting his extraterrestrial sound sketches. Science fiction, progress and technology – it’s the essence of techno in a nutshell. (house cult.com)


  1. Hepatic (3:01)
  2. Lunar (6:08)
  3. New Order (2:24)
  4. Objects Lights (4:16)
  5. Time (2:16)
  6. Restart Of The Engineers (2:56)
  7. Dark Matter (1:36)

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Exlopring the deepst reaches of the solar system and beyond.

Out in february on Belief System Records


Engineers Of The Other Space

Random Audio – Engineers Of The Other Space.

12″ and Digital. Join the Engineers of the Other Space as they embark on a journey deep into the outer realms of the imagination. Travel to the Outer Space Division and Fall into the Strata. Process the information and then make your escape!
Belief System is proud to present the newly received Random Audio transmissions from Deep Space Central. Keep this frequency clear!