Out in february on Belief System Records


Engineers Of The Other Space

Random Audio – Engineers Of The Other Space.

12″ and Digital. Join the Engineers of the Other Space as they embark on a journey deep into the outer realms of the imagination. Travel to the Outer Space Division and Fall into the Strata. Process the information and then make your escape!
Belief System is proud to present the newly received Random Audio transmissions from Deep Space Central. Keep this frequency clear!

Signal to Mysterious (mtd.blueform002)






12″ vinyl & worldwide digital distribution
Released by: blueform of melted recordings
Release/catalogue number: mtd.blueform002
Release date: Nov 20, 2012

Released by: Intervall Aufnahmen
Release/catalogue number: intv002
Release date: Nov, 2015

Vinyl and Digital distribution: randomaudio4space.bandcamp

Notes: Limited to 160 copies. All tracks written and programmed by Random Audio at Homeworks Studios (OEG) 2012.

With this second release on Blueform the artist Random Audio goes much more into mystic space post-futuristic sounds – as known from another great artist of this kind of techno. Starting with “Objects” Random Audio builds a whole scene of the slow arrival of those unidentified flying objects using a counter-rotating rhythm moving exact like the lights of these objects. “Signal to Mysterious” goes really deep into sophisticated bleeping chimes for messaging to and from an unknown life-form. This track is followed up by a matching one – “Indicator” – but this one has a much slower and darker theme with light pads plus hissing sounds and slow broken beats. Somehow different is “Calculation” – an uplifting, bubbling and pumping rhythmic stomper. And finally “The Ensemble” comes with varying percussive drums and string sounds building themselves up again and again – only broken up by a short smooth part of beeping, string and pad sounds.

Random Audio . Signal To Mysterious

  1. Objects
  2. Signal to Mysterious
  3. Indicator
  4. Calculation
  5. The Ensemble

Random Audio . Hologram EP (mtd.blueform001)


12“ and digital download
release date digital starting & vinyl ETA 2012-03-30
vinyl and distribution by: randomaudio4space.bandcamp.com

This is blueform, a sublabel of melted recordings, with it’s first release – made by Random Audio. In order to assort different variations of techno blueform was founded as the first official sublabel of melted recordings, although small labels aside of melted were started so far. Blueform stands for real classic detroit techno as we know and love it for many years. Very famous protagonists, especially from the US formed this spacy, retro-futuristic and/or chordish sound – a special state of mind. Random Audio reflects these characteristics with his tracks of the hologram EP. He is an important part of the futuredraht community, he has produced many tracks of various styles – mostly (but not only) techno – and even now he had just his second track on melted recordings under another alias, this is his first own (vinyl | digitally worldwide distributed) release. The first track “Fourier Transmatica” brings us back with a pulsating sound into the late nineties of detroit techno. The chords, melodies and pads in “Downtown” fit exactly to the sound of “the motor city”. “The Model” goes right into the science fiction side of techno using creaky blips and old string sounds and finally “The Mask” seems to build itself up with bubbling tones again and again. Watch out for the next big release of Random Audio very soon!

Random Audio . Hologram EP

  1. Fourier Transmatica
  2. Downtown
  3. The Model
  4. The Mask

all tracks written and programmed
by random audio at homeworks
studio OEG 2011

facebook fan-page: https://www.facebook.com/Blueform
soundcloud snippets: http://soundcloud.com/blueform
discogs label page: http://www.discogs.com/label/Blueform
vinyl distribution: randomaudio4space.bandcamp.com