Signal to Mysterious (mtd.blueform002)

With this second release on Blueform the artist Random Audio goes much more into mystic space post-futuristic sounds – as known from another great artist of this kind of techno. Starting with “Objects” Random Audio builds a whole scene of the slow arrival of those unidentified flying objects using a counter-rotating rhythm moving exact like the lights of these objects. “Signal to Mysterious” goes really deep into sophisticated bleeping chimes for messaging to and from an unknown life-form. Continue reading

The Ensemble

Pierres Revue aus dem Jahr 1939 mit den begabtesten Tänzern des Pariser “Moulin Bleu”. Musikalisch wird das ganze durch futuristisch experimentelle Tanzmusik untermalt.

Filmsequenzen gemixt von runathome
Musik von Random Audio Continue reading